• 2024/03/28 Linda

    Can you make DNA pcba ?

    We do not produce pcba for DNA, but we have the technology and ability to replicate and clone it .

  • 2024/03/26 armi

    Can I trust you guys?

    Of course. We have business partners in nearly 100 countries and regions around the world, and many world-renowned companies and enterprises choose to use RIMYI'S products and services.

  • 2024/03/26 Mary

    How to purchase products on this website?

    Sorry, we do not offer online sales. You can add our salesperson to place an order,thanks.

  • 2024/03/26 sid

    Wo!Beautiful! Are you really a factory? Do you have e-cig for sale? What is the MOQ?

    Welcome! Yes, we are a factory and do not provide electronic cigarette products. We are a solution provider for electronic cigarette control boards(pcb&pcba)

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